About Us

Yunpeng plastic mould  is globally recognized as plastic injection mould production , customrize Insert Molding and home appliance injection mould .we are located in ningbo city, China.We use our creative methods of manufacturing, advanced processes and experience to produce your most complex products to the highest standards. yunpeng provides high quality plastic injection mould  and value added services to leading companies throughout the world. Founded in 2000, yunpeng mould can manage all your business needs from high quality injection molding and secondary services to assembly of your finished product, all in our 8,000 square meters facility. Our support capabilities include design and tooling referral to take your project from concept to market.

Our Story

1st Stage Establishment

In 2000 YP plastic injection mould Co.,Ltd established in yuyao city China. Mainly responsible for the China market.

In 2008, we have different Injection Machine ranging from 50Ton to 800Ton, including Horizontal&Vertical versions.

2nd Stage Development

In 2010, Due to the growth of international business, We developed International sales department to respond all our oversea business.

Now, we have injection machines from 50T to 12000T and this number is keeping growing. In addition to our Molding Machine we have Temperature Controller and Robotic Part Extractors.

Our Ensure


Senfo obtained GMP, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER, HALAL certification and QS production license.

Workshop, raw materials, water, equipment, process, raw materials, inspection, safe and controlled conditions. (video, cut it out)


Senfo performs strict quality control QC and QA quality assurance system.

Why choose us?

Yun Peng is one of the premiere plastic injection molders in the China. Yunpeng has been doing business in Clearfield, Utah since 2000  when it started out with 4 machines and a few dedicated employees.

Today, YP has become an ISO 9001:2008 company and has expanded to a 8,000 square foot facility with nearly 50 machines ranging from 20 to 1200tons. Since its inception,YP has been specializing in hard to mold products and working with virtually every type of plastic. Yunpeng also has an aptitude for working with elastomers, thick walled plastic parts (gas assist), insert molding, engineered plastics, and automation.

YP is centrally located in ningbo .which is perfect for companies looking for a molder that can ship easily and inexpensively to any of the USA and Europe. With years of experience in the field, YP’s employees have run the gamut with various plastic products including, medical, sporting goods, home fashions, consumer grade products, commercial grade products, and many more.