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Injection Mold Guiding System

Injection Mold Guiding System

Update Time:2017/9/15

Guiding system of injection mold works as guides to ensure precise mechanic movements. Generally the standard mold base all have guiding design, like guide pins between cavity side and core side, mold designers can just choose the proper mold base. Typical mold guiding system include, guiding between A/B plates, guiding for stripper plates, guiding for runner plates, guiding for ejector pins. All this guiding system can be customized when you order the mold base.

But when the parts have particular structure and require high precision, this customized guiding system might not be enough, the guiding pins could not perform as well as before after a long time running, so injection mold designers should consider special guiding design besides these customized guiding design on the mold base.   

Precision guiding components have been standardized, such as tapered dowel pins, side lock, etc. some precision guided positioning device must be designed according to the specific structure of the injection mold.