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How to carry out the maintenance of injection mold?

How to carry out the maintenance of injection mold?

Update Time:2017/10/10

How should the injection mold be maintained to achieve the desired effect in the mold injection? Here we look at the knowledges about maintenance of injection mold.


1. Processing enterprises should be equipped with each mold with biographical card, detailed records, statistics, its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damage


2. Processing enterprises should be in the injection molding machine, mold in normal operation, testing the performance of the mold, and the final molding of plastic parts size measurement


3. Several important parts of the mold should be tracked and tracked: the ejector and guide parts are to ensure the die opening and closing movement and ejection of the plastic parts


4.After the completion of a production cycle, to professional anti rust oil coated on the working surface of the die, the movement and a guide part. Particular attention should be paid to protect the elastic strength with gear and rack die bearing parts and spring mould, to ensure that it is always in the best working condition


5. Pay attention to cleaning the runner


6.At the end of each production cycle should all die on the belt type heater, heater, heating rod and thermocouple probe with an ohmmeter measure, if damaged, must be promptly replaced, and resume with the mold comparison, make a record, in order to find problems in time, take measures to deal with

The above I have told you a few points of knowledge about maintenance of injection mold, and finally there is a point that is the mold surface maintenance. When the mold to complete the production task, we should adopt different methods according to different injection molding carefully remove residual, available copper, copper wire and professional mold cleaning agent for injection mold and other residual sediments, and dry.


I hope everyone will understand that injection molding is a processing method which has high production efficiency, so it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of injection mold.

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