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Why are injection moulds so expensive to make?

Why are injection moulds so expensive to make?

July 10,2017

Why are injection moulds so expensive to make?

The injection mould cost has two main components – the mold base and the machining of the cavities. The cost of the mold base is primarily controlled by the size of the part’s envelope.

The number of cavities you incorporate into your mold will directly correlate in molding costs.Fewer cavities require far less price. injection moulds are usually made of steel or Aluminium. Steel or Aluminium are expensive.

As they are made of steel or Aluminium, they are hard, so the mould making equipments are specially made to cut, like CNC, EDM, grinding machine, milling machine, Line cutting machine, etc. The machines are very expensive.

As they are hard, the processing time is relatively long, average lead time is 30–40 days for middle size molds, some even as long as 80 days.

The mold designer and engineers should be experienced and well trained. Their salary is not low.

Mold testing requires suitable injection molding machine, and the machine is also expensive.

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