Buying Tips in China

Sep 15,2017
From inquiry to Po closed, we have a standard procedure to follow, it helps both internal and customers always clear where we are. The transition of each step would be easier and smoother as well.
Order process of export injection plastic mold:

  • Received 2D/3D part drawing from customer, project manager hold kick-out meeting to review data from customer with mold designers, mold makers, QA manager, PMC. Collect all the information have been discussed, send DFM report to customer for confirmation.
  • DFM report contains all the necessary information before design and manufacture. Mold gating way, ejection way, layout of injection pins, layout of parts, mold parting line, cooling line. Special structure feature like sliders, angle lifters, finish of mold core and cavity, engraving etc.
  • After all details have been discussed through, mold design start and 2d layout of mold design would be provided to customer within 1-3 days ,mold design in 3D takes 3-7 days depends on the complexity of the mold.
  • Send mold design to customer for approval, start to order mold steel, mold base, accessories after deposit. A process report would be submitted and show all the process planned. Weekly report would be follow as the mold manufacturing process move forwarder until it’s finished.
  • The first time’s mold trial tell if all the mechanism of mold work properly, geometry of part is correct, we check mold cooling system, mold injection system, mold ejection system etc. after proper modification, T1 molded plastic samples would be submitted to customer together with dimension report, injection molding parameter. normally it’s 90% of perfection.
  • Get comments for sample improvement, functionality, appearance, dimensionally .after corrections, finish the texture/polishing, engraving etc, send the samples for final approval.
  • Do a small automatically run and CPK report study to make sure tooling stability. 
  • Packing the mold with wooden box, if the mold shipped by sea, we pay specially attention to the vacuum packing to prevent from rusty. Packages include all 2d/3d mold design drawing, NC programming data, copper, spare parts, interchangeable inserts, etc.
  • Follow up the work performance of the mold in customers' plant and provide necessary services.