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Actuate Quickly and Reliably

Actuate Quickly and Reliably

December 8,2017

The ejection stage consumes precious seconds of the molding process,without providing much value to the moldings.As such,the ejection system should be designed to remove the moldings as quickly and reliably as pissible,and then reset so that the mold may be closed and the next cycle initiated. To increase the speed of the ejection system,some molders may specify the use of air poppets and/or air jets to improve ejection velocities and reduce the cycle time.

To increase the reliability of the ejection system,the mold designer should develop the mold to tightly interface with the molder's preferred part removal system.While many molds rely on gravity drop of the moldings and the feed system to a moving conveyor,molders are increasing using sprue pickeres and gantry robots for part  removal. In general, these systems do not greatly redudce the molding cycle time but rather provide increased control of molding's removal and subsequent placement while protecting while protecting the aesthetic areas. If sprue pickers or robots will be used, then the mold designer must appropriately customize the ejection system, Typically, the moldings must be stripped off  the core but retained at a controlled position by some of the ejection system compontents. Furthermore,mold designers should confirm and design interface geometry in the cavity and/or feed system that is easily identified and highly repeatable for interfacing with the part removal system.

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