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Overview the cavity filling analysis

Overview the cavity filling analysis

December 8,2017

Cavity filling analysis may be performed for a variety of purposes. On the most basic level, mold filling analysis is useful to ensure that the mold cavity can be filled. with plastic melt given the melt pressure that can be delivered by the molding machine . Typically, the meld pressure required to fill the cavity is less than 100 PMa (about 15,000 psi) even though most modern machines can supply twice this amount.

Cavity filling analysis is also performed to ensure that the filling pressures are not too low, since very low melt pressures are indicative of a poor molded pat design or improper processing conditions.

On a more advanced level, cavity filling analysis is useful to predict the melt front advancement in the cavity and identify the location of knit-lines, end of fill, and other phenomena before the mold is manufactured and tested.

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